I became interested in Digital Photography in 1998, not so much Imaging with a Computer which was popular at the time, but Photography with a Digital Camera. As an 'OM System Ambassador', I encourage others into the world of 'real' photography through my Lectures, YouTube and Tuition pages on this website. Olympus UK have supported my photography for over 20 years.

The Olympus PEN was launched in 2009 and has proved immensely popular amongst photographers who wish to have a DSLR without its size and weight. It also boasts a superb HD video facility. The OM-D is a development of the PEN, a camera designed for professional use and advanced amateur photographers.

Currently I use the OM-D E-M1Mkii, which was launched to critical acclaim in 2016. Currently I am producing for YouTube are a series of Olympus OM-D & PEN Photo-Experiences.
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