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‘Need to be kept as a benchmark for landscapers to reach this level’.
Comment about 'Finding the Ideal Lens for Landscape Photography' video.
Featuring over 200 productions, Derek's YouTube Channel presents instructional Photo-Soundbites, Photographic Locations and Photo-Experiences with OM-D and PEN cameras for Olympus Photographers.

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The Ideal Lens for
Landscape Photography
The Subtle Art of
Landscape Photography
End of the Line
The Fall and Rise of the Railway
Going Pro?
Taking that Leap of Faith!
Take Control of your Camera
1. Movement
One Camera, One Lens
& Two Legs
Visions of Britain

Elgar Country

YouTube Comments

'This must have required a lot of work but the result is wonderful. Congratulations!'

'Derek, I have been watching your channel for a long time. I consider you one of the greats, and if my photography can come close to yours, i will have considered my photo life complete. I put you up there with Ansel Adams, and the other greats of our time. I have learned so much from you. I wish I could meet you, but in far away California, not going to happen. I can watch ALL your videos all day. Your production techniques are amazing!'

'Thank you Mr. Forss, your channel is not only a great resource to learn photography techniques, for us foreigners, is also an amazing way to enjoy and know about your country and its many beautiful places.'

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